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Wallspace Gallery to Close Doors

Wallspace—the New York gallery at 619 West Twenty-seventh Street—has announced that it will be closing its doors. The gallery plans to stay open through August 7; its last exhibition, organized by Jay Gorney, features the work of Deborah Remington.

Wallspace operated its Chelsea space for the past twelve years, at various points in its history representing artists including Harry Dodge, Shannon Ebner, Walead Beshty, and the controversy-generating Donelle Woolford. At various points, the gallery brought in guest curators ranging from Michael Ned Holte to Ohad Meromi to Slater Bradley.

“We are deeply proud of the program we have built. We have worked hard to shine a light on rigorous, risk-taking practices, and owe a great debt to the artists and community that have allowed us to do so,” wrote the gallery's owners, Jane Hait and Janine Foeller. “It has been our immense privilege to nourish a roster of artists who have inspired us, challenged us, and enriched our lives in immeasurable ways.”