Walt Cessna

Walt Cessna (1964–2017)

Artist, author, curator, and former New York club kid Walt Cessna has died, writes Derek de Koff of Queerty. Cessna lived many lives. In a 2012 interview with Queerty’s John Russell, the multihyphenate cultural producer indicated that he spent some time hustling in San Francisco; wrote for the now-defunct East Village Eye and New York Talk; was an editor at the Village Voice when he turned eighteen; contributed to Details magazine under Stephen Saban and Annie Flanders; and styled Nine Inch Nails’ Self-Destruct Tour.

He was also a prolific publisher of zines, including STOP, The Key, and Vaczine. His 2012 book Fukt to Start With: Short Stories & Broken Werd is a semiautobiographical collection of tales about societal misfits, published by SixteenFourteen/Desperanto. In 2015, Cessna organized “Interface: Queer Artists Forming Community Through Social Media” at New York’s Leslie–Lohman Museum. The exhibition featured work from Dietmar Busse, Erika Keck, Gio Black Peter, Scooter La Forge, Natasha Gornik, and Slava Mogutin, among other artists.

“He was brilliant and complicated and like many creatives, his own worst enemy. He was constantly writing and photographing and musing and telling us all what was ‘correct,’ a term he used to describe anything he deemed brilliant and worthy of praise,” said artist Trey Speegle on Cessna’s Facebook page. “Give the devil hell and the angels some styling tips, Walt. You were so correct, in so many ways. I’ll meet you by the back bar at Area—I’ve got drink tickets.”