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Warhol’s Grandniece Unveils Plans for Uncle Andy Documentary

Is the world about to see yet another side of Andy Warhol? Fashion photographer Abby Warhola—the artist’s great-niece—has revealed that she’s been making a feature-length documentary titled Uncle Andy, in collaboration with her partner artist Jesse Best, reports the Pittsburg Post-Gazette’s Marylynne Pitz.

Before Warhol’s brother Paul Warhola died last year, the filmmakers managed to record ten hours of interviews with him. Other members of the family will also feature in the film, recalling Warhol’s Pittsburgh childhood and their memories of visits to his New York residence.

The filmmakers have been interviewing family members for the past eight years, and have spoken with all of Paul and Anne Warhola’s seven children—Paulie, Eve, Mary Lou, George, Madalen, Marty, and James.

Warhola and Best hope to finance the film by launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise $175,000 in thirty-one days. They’ve avoided grants and other funding sources because they feel the family has been exploited in the past, saying: “We wanted to wait until we could do this completely independently. We could just tell their story without any other intentions.”

Speaking about Paul Warhola’s interviews, Best said: “He would tell us these really great stories that no one had ever heard before. We wanted to preserve it and turn it into something greater.”