Samara Golden’s The Meat Grinder’s Iron Clothes, 2017, was one of the pieces acquired by the Whitney Museum after the 2017 biennial.

Whitney Museum Secures Thirty-Two Works from 2017 Biennial for Its Collection

Nate Freeman of Artnews reports that the Whitney Museum has secured thirty-two works for its collection from this year’s biennial exhibition. Henry Taylor, Samara Golden, Jo Baer, Celeste Dupuy-Spencer, Raúl de Nieves, and Lyle Ashton Harris are among the artists whose pieces are included in the acquisition. Donations from trustees and other gifts to the museum allowed for the purchase of the works—after the 2014 biennial, the museum procured only twelve pieces.

“The committees really came together and were extremely generous, as they wanted to mark the occasion of the first biennial in the new building. It took a village in a way to acquire so many works, because it wouldn’t be possible with our ordinary budget,” said Scott Rothkopf, deputy director for programs and chief curator at the Whitney.