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Winners of 2016 Swiss Art Awards Announced

The federal office of culture in Switzerland has announced the eleven winners of the Swiss Art Awards and the thirteen winners of the Swiss Design Awards. This year’s edition of the art awards will be presented tonight with director of the federal office of culture Isabelle Chassot, while the design awards will be presented tomorrow with federal councillor Alain Berset. The awards in the fields of art and architecture, critique, publication, and exhibition each come with a prize of $25,860.

The winners of the Swiss Design Awards in the fields of products and objects, fashion and textile design, graphic design, photography, and scenography each receive the same amount of money.

Additionally, the laureates of the Swiss Grand Award for Art / Prix Meret Oppenheim 2016––curator Adelina von Fürstenberg, artist Christian Philipp Müller, and architect and author Martin Steinmann––will also receive their honors at the award ceremony.

The winners for each category are as follows.

Alexandra Bachzetsis (1974, lives and works in Athens / Basel / Zurich)
Sylvain Croci-Torti (1984, lives and works in Martigny / Lausanne)
Aurélien Gamboni (1979, lives and works in Geneva)
Florian Germann (1978, lives and works in Fuerteventura / Zurich)
Sophie Jung (1982, lives and works in Basel / London)
Jan Kiefer (1979, lives and works in Basel)
Dominique Koch (1983, lives and works in Basel / Paris)
Gabriela Löffel (1972, lives and works in Bern / Geneva)
Reto Pulfer (1981, lives and works in Berlin)

Dreier Frenzel (Yves Dreier, 1979, and Eik Frenzel, 1979, live and work in Lausanne)

Critique, publication, exhibition
Benjamin Sommerhalder, Nieves Zines (1977, lives and works in Zurich)

Simone Cavadini (1988, lives and works in Paris)
Etienne Malapert (1991, lives and works in Lausanne)
Laurence Rasti (1990, lives and works in Onex)
Manon Wertenbroek (1991, lives and works in Lausanne)

Graphic design
Alice Franchetti (1991, lives and works in Geneva)
Pause ohne Ende (Matthias Hachen, 1982, and Mischa Hedinger, 1984, live and work in Zurich)
Teo Schifferli (1988, lives and works in Zurich)

Fashion and textile design
Lucie Guiragossian (1991, lives and works in Lausanne)
Vera Roggli (1991, lives and works in Antwerp)
Julian Zigerli (1984, lives and works in Zurich)

Products and objects
Christophe Guberan (1985, lives and works in Boston)
VELT (Stefan Rechsteiner, 1980, and Patrick Rüegg, 1983, live and work in Berlin)

Kollektiv Krönlihalle (Seraina Borner, 1977; Barbara Brandmaier, 1966; Markus Läubli, 1968; Christoph Menzi, 1970; Andrea Münch, 1985; Thomas Stächelin, 1979; all live and work in Zurich)