Worcester Art Museum

Worcester Art Museum Appoints Lisa Kirby Board President and Adds 5 New Trustees

Massachusetts’s Worcester Art Museum has announced that Lisa Kirby, the chair of the audience engagement committee and a four-year board member at the institution, was named the next board president. She succeeds Joseph J. Bafaro, Jr. who has completed his term.

“The board plays an important role in the sustainability of the museum—both financially and culturally,” Kirby said. “It is our responsibility, on a high level, to make sure the institution takes care of the collection and, through programming and engagement, remains relevant and accessible to a broad range of people.” As CEO of the Kirby foundation, Kirby has sponsored free admission to the museum for the month of August for the past three years.

In addition to the change of leadership, the institution added five new trustees: Susan M. Bassick, Andrew T. Jay, Dana R. Levenson, Ronald L. Lombard, and Anne-Marie Soullière. Director Matthias Waschek said, “One goal of the museum’s 2020 long range plan is to strengthen our board by growing and diversifying it. I am delighted that our new class of board members will round out existing expertise in finance, art, and not-for-profit management.”