A tweet of the Yves Klein work being repaired.

Yves Klein Work Inadvertently Damaged by Museum Visitor

Yves Klein’s Pigment bleu sec (Dry Blue Pigment), a shallow wooden container filled with a mix of sand and the artist’s famous pigment, International Klein Blue, was accidentally damaged by a visitor at the Center for Fine Arts in Brussels on August 16, reports Victoria Stapley-Brown of the Art Newspaper. The visitor walked through the piece at “Theatre of the Void,” an exhibition of the artist’s work (that has since closed, on August 20), leaving footprints in the art and blue material on the gallery’s floors.

“Even though we have several safety measures (warning signs, a partial barrier, and a guard), the man was too fascinated [with the other work] to notice all of that,” said a museum spokesperson about the incident. Nonetheless, Klein’s piece was easily restored the day it was disturbed: Museum staff simply added more pigment and rearranged the sand. After the incident, another visitor tweeted a picture of the artwork being repaired, saying, “I came for the paintings. But I stayed for performance art.”