Paul Kasmin (1960–2020)

David Hockney, For Paul With Love David, 1965, colored crayon on paper, 19 7/8 x 15 7/8".  © David Hockney. Courtesy of Kasmin Gallery.

I KNEW PAUL KASMIN ALL HIS LIFE. When Paul was a small baby, his father used to have a Tuesday evening soirée, where I met a lot of people, David Sylvester and Francis Bacon among them. And then, in the late ’60s, we used to go to a chateau in the Dordogne at Carennac, which Kas rented every summer. Paul was then seven or eight years old. I always loved him. He used to come and see me in London, then Paris, and then many times in California. From his father he inherited a fabulous eye—the gallery he opened in New York proved it. It was flawless. I last saw him here in Normandy, where his mother has a charming house near Dieppe. The shows he put on in New York were some of the best. He will be very missed.

David Hockney is an artist based in Los Angeles, California, and Normandy, France.