Ingrid Sischy (1952–2015)

Ingrid Sischy and Sandra Brant at the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children’s Inaugural Gala for Child Protection, 2015. Photo: Clint Spaulding/ via AP Images.

WHAT I REMEMBER most about Ingrid is her voice. It was, as they say, an excellent instrument, low and honeyed, which could easily turn into a growl or a purr. Her use of it totally depended on what her goal was: getting someone out of her face, drawing someone closer, closing the topic down, opening a golden door. She would have made a great, rampaging Auntie Mame. I can see her climbing that stairway to paradise, arm extended, voice rising like an alto sax, exhorting “Live! Life’s a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!”

Richard Flood is the director of special projects and curator at large at the New Museum in New York. He was managing editor of Artforum in 1980, and books editor in 1982-83.

For additional tributes to Ingrid Sischy by Julian Schnabel, Barbara Kruger, and Laurie Anderson, see Artforum’s October print issue.