Hudson (1950–2014)


I MET HUDSON through Tony Tasset when I was in graduate school in Chicago. Tony was one of my professors and showed with Hudson at his gallery called Feature Inc. After I graduated, Hudson was my main gallerist for fifteen years. He was a teacher, a friend, and I evolved with him in consciousness through my artwork and our friendship.

Hudson: I miss him. But he is in a better place now, adding his large and beautiful consciousness to the cosmos.

Now that Hudson is gone, we can all reflect on what a thoughtful, integral person he was.

Hudson who was Feature. His gallery was a venue for a fluid exchange of ideas. It was music, video, philosophy, pseudo-science, literature, dance, theater.

Hudson gave life to subtlety.

He understood the development of an artist and their vision. He could see so clearly the evolution of consciousness of an artist, and he knew how to push the work to the next level.

Hudson represented many artists who are now without a gallery. I hope other galleries will try to understand Hudson’s love of these artists, and help them find a good home. I hope they find gallerists that can cull Hudson’s vision into their future work. Hudson’s work can continue in this way. It is now our responsibility to learn from Hudson, and carry on his vision.

Hudson was the most authentic person I have ever met. He was also one of the most dignified people I have ever met. I have watched him over the years handle difficult decisions with integrity and grace.

I will miss him.

Tom Friedman is an artist based in Leverett, Massachusetts.