Critics’ Picks

Adam Schreiber, Untitled (kitchen), 2012, Chromogenic print, 24 x 30".

San Antonio

Adam Schreiber

Linda Pace Foundation
111 Camp Street
April 14 - December 15

Some photographers manage to explore and define their subjects at the same time. Such nuance is at play in “FLANAGAN – TIRAVANIJA,” an exhibition of ten photographs, which Adam Schreiber was commissioned to shoot in the home of the late collector, artist, and philanthropist Linda Pace. Schreiber is skilled at using his medium to isolate cultural material––from car parts to archives––and this makes him a wise choice to examine the Linda Pace Foundation’s holdings. He creates photographs that are earthly and ethereal, and that observe as they describe.

Schreiber’s images are installed in a lofty room at the center of the airy penthouse where they were taken. In this space, abundant natural light bounces off white walls and lacquered floors; the color prints are substantial—two by two feet or larger––and framed minimally so that the few elements in each remain the focus. The photograph Antony Gormley, Lock II, 1994 (all works 2012) is anchored on the right by a leaden Gormley figure coming off of a wall that is balanced on the left by a window and the grid of light it casts on the floor below it. In Untitled (stairwell), a dizzying staircase obscures a glow coming from behind it and dwarfs the only objects visible in the frame—an empty vase and a ball of colored pencils crafted by The Art Guys. One particularly ghostly image, Untitled (kitchen), features the view camera that Schreiber used to make other works in the show. The apparatus, which stands on a tripod and faces us with an open shutter, is an index for the photographer and also for other bodies past, present, and future. Schreiber’s pictures call attention to time and subjectivity, capturing the material and the immaterial while giving new substance to both.