Critics’ Picks

Installation view of Just a little bit more, 2002.

Installation view of Just a little bit more, 2002.


Agnieszka Kalinowska

Galerie Nächst St. Stephan
Grünangergasse 1/2
June 1–July 29, 2006

Polish artist Agnieszka Kalinowska's sculptures and video installations engage the decisive moment at which human will meets intense adversity. In her first solo exhibition at the gallery, Kalinowska has placed her installation Beware! Insulation, 2002, in the window facing the street. The piece consists of sixty figures created from sculpted duct tape, which, suspended by strips of the very material of which they are made, resemble workers hanging from power lines. Once inside, the viewer encounters the dual video projection Great Scene, 2005, in which the artist waits for hours in front of Moscow’s popular Mhat Theater and the eerie Dubrovka Theater, which closed briefly to the public following a hostage situation in 2002. The third installation Just a little bit more, 2002, introduces a world of contradictions: Festive paper streamers hang from the ceiling, multicolored confetti covers the floor, and a cleaning machine stands in the corner. In the middle of all this activity, however, eleven human figures lie crumpled on the floor, all made from the same, seemingly harmless, colored paper. Kalinowska’s work brings together chance events and extreme situations, suspense and action, staging it all in perfect dramatic sequence.

Translated from German by Jane Brodie.