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Still from Electronic Sheep, 2003–2004.

Still from Electronic Sheep, 2003–2004.

New York

Amy Globus

D’Amelio Terras
525 West 22nd Street
February 19–March 26, 2005

For her first solo exhibition in New York City, Amy Globus has created an evocative installation with three sculptures and a video. The work extends the investigation and sensual indulgence begun with the 2001–02 video Electric Sheep, a stunningly edited sequence of close-ups of a slithering octopus in a tank set to a remix of an Emmylou Harris ballad. Globus’s new video, Electronic Sheep, 2003–2004, returns to the tank to produce an equally mesmerizing and seamless meditation on this animal’s strange existence. The emotional resonance that Globus builds from the footage makes for what seems a stirring ode to humanity that paradoxically does not draw on the human form. The animal’s primordial physicality dissolves into a shifting, watery pattern. It’s lonely and haunting, with a baroque, almost elegiac intensity. Two of the sculptures are pieces of metal equipment that kept the octopus alive in its tank and are now covered in sharp salt crystals. Indices to the creature’s living, breathing existence, the crystals are also lovely embodiments of the temporal complexities of the cinematic medium. With this show, Globus helps confirm that the recent “modern gothic” trend will successfully make the transition beyond child stardom.