Critics’ Picks

Blue, Red and Yellow, Scalemodel 1, 2002.

Blue, Red and Yellow, Scalemodel 1, 2002.


Ann Veronica Janssens

Micheline Szwajcer Gallery
Verlatstraat 14
March 8–May 25, 2002

This exhibition is based on an installation titled Blue, Red, and Yellow originally created by Janssens for the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin in June 2001. A cube composed of transparent plastic partitions, each of a different color, and thick fog that blends these into one another, the work denies nearly all spatial references to the viewer, who upon entering the cube experiences the pleasure and intensity of pure color, of both individual colors and the full spectrum. To this chromatic excess is contrasted the pure white of another model, L’Espace infini (Infinite Space), 2002, a relief hollowed out and rounded in such a way that it appears limitless. Janssens clearly demonstrates her ability and talent to transform our perception of time and space.