Critics’ Picks

Problemlösungsauftrag an Künstler (Raumprobleme) (Instructions to an Artist for the Solution to a Problem [Space Problem]) (detail), 1983/84.


Anna Oppermann

art agents gallery
Klopstockplatz 9-11
April 22–June 30

From the start of her career, in the ‘60s, right up through the early ‘90s, Anna Oppermann (1940–93) devoted herself to hybrid text-image installations. A participant in many Documentas and biennales, Oppermann completed seventy of these complex works in all, of which only four are currently accessible to the public. With this exhibition, art agents gallery has temporarily added four more. Oppermann’s process entailed gathered drawings, paintings, photographs, slide projections, found objects, clippings from books and magazines, and handwritten texts, which she arranged (sometimes over a span of years) in eclectic ensembles of overwhelmingly rich detail. Every element can be read in relation to every other element, so that, while one can get lost in the endless details, associative connections seem to rise to the surface, establishing pathways or “reading lines” for viewers to follow. The works are fragile and mutable, their form as ambiguous as their content. They function as points of departure for open-ended readings and as striking examples of an early deconstructive practice.

Translated from German by Emily Speers Mears.