Critics’ Picks

Dan Holdsworth, Untitled, (Machine for Living), 1999


Beck's Futures 2

ICA - Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston
25 Harbor Shore Drive
March 30–May 20

Beck’s was an enthusiastic sponsor of the London scene throughout the '90s renaissance, so their establishment last year of a new award for young artists has not come as a great shock. Critic Matthew Collings describes Beck’s Futures as still attractively undefined‚ looser and hipper than the Turner Prize. But at £65,000, the prize fund is already larger, and the show will tour the UK before landing in New York in October 2001. This year’s judges, who include novelist Zadie Smith, author of White Teeth (and the ICA’s first writer-in-residence), critic and curator Richard Flood, and painter Gary Hume, have short-listed ten artists including five painters, three photographers, one sculptor, and one artist working in multimedia. Among them are John Russell (formerly of iconoclastic pranksters Bank), who collaborates on a series of paintings with Fabienne Audeoud, and David Burrows, who shows photographs of cartoonlike interiors. Other contenders are Shahin Afrassiabi, Simon Bill, Brian Griffiths, Dan Holdsworth, Gemma Iles, DJ Simpson, Tim Stoner and Clare Wood.