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When Few Were Charmed, 2001.

When Few Were Charmed, 2001.


Brian Griffiths

Vilma Gold
6 Minerva Street
April 28–June 3, 2001

Brian Griffiths used to build computers. Not real computers, or even convincing simulacra, but charmingly amateurish mock-ups glued together with tape, string, and cardboard. His was a childlike vision of our technological future—the bridge of the Starship Enterprise as imagined from its crèche. At Vilma Gold, Griffiths has wandered off in an equally unknowable direction: the mythic past. In this new series of sculptures, the young Londoner presents us with a shambolic parade of unnamed figures, apparently embarking on some mysterious quest. They are constructed with a rough-and-ready energy, the materials used just barely reined in to the demands of figurative representation. With billowing cloaks and heads in buckets, they are utterly ridiculous, yet somehow optimistic, even heroic.