Critics’ Picks

View of Bruce Nauman's Slow Angle Walk (Beckett Walk), 1968, video, black-and-white, sound, 60 minutes.

Mexico City

Bruce Nauman

Estancia Femsa
General Francisco Ramírez 12-14 Ampliación Daniel Garza
February 3–April 15

Quietude governs “Parameters,” an exhibition of five videos made by Bruce Nauman between 1968 and 1969 that are shown on monitors delicately tucked into the various rooms of architect Luis Barragán’s understated house. This subtlety allows the artworks and architecture to interact, rather than compete for attention. Walking with Contrapposto, 1968, provides the most successful layering of the artist’s body, the medium, and the domestic interior. The video is positioned opposite the entryway of a modestly sized afternoon room, so that the hallway within the video extends the perspectival depth of the space. Complementing the ways Nauman accentuates his movement through the narrow corridor in the video, the monitor’s placement—as well as a room divider that bifurcates the area and the L-shaped room itself—emphasizes spatial limits and the ways designed space impacts the body.

Slow Angle Walk (Beckett Walk), 1968, positioned behind a couch and next to a bookshelf, relatedly invites the viewer to navigate not only the furniture but also the orientation of the footage, which was shot with a fixed camera rotated ninety degrees. The unique arrangement and setting of the works are, however, rather difficult to parse, as visitors must take thirty-minute tours that make it impossible to dwell on any of the videos, each roughly sixty minutes in length. Still, the exhibition offers a productive opportunity to reexamine the corporeal and spatial interactions found within this grouping of videos and in conjunction with this important architectural site.