Critics’ Picks

View of “Camilla Løw,” 2015.

View of “Camilla Løw,” 2015.


Camilla Løw

Elastic Gallery
Ulrikagatan 15
August 20–September 26, 2015

In Norwegian artist Camilla Løw’s fourth solo exhibition, “Nerves and Muscles,” the sculptures appear to be playful jaunts, but they are quite sophisticated in terms of their placement and distinct design. The simplest impression is not always synonymous with the easiest or less complex of choices, rather it’s the less visually complex path that often harbors deeper meaning otherwise undetected. There is a peculiar triad of creative directions present in this show: One trajectory involves towerlike beams that either are white-washed or incorporate vibrant colors, as in Synthetic (all works 2015). Other sculptural prints, which could surely stand as a series, hang from the ceiling as do most pieces here. These are spray-painted two-sided sheets of Perspex sporting floating clusters of hardware tools, such as in Heavy Water. A third variety of sculptures are large forms made from wire—one such is the outline of a hand dangling by a cord and titled Citizens (Blue). These three bodies of work complement one another, giving weight to the exhibition’s title referring to organic pathways where blood and neurological signals freely comingle.

This collection of pieces appeals to the eye with its emphasis on primary colors, geometric symmetry, and a spirited interaction between materials. The positioning of works in the space is as if the artist has prepared a stage for a performance—but for objects instead of humans. One can here depend upon the imagination to ignite intellect and emotion.