Critics’ Picks

“Experiment in Total Freedom.” Installation view.

New York

Carol Bove

Team Gallery | Wooster Street
47 Wooster Street
July 25–June 21

For “Experiment in Total Freedom,” her solo show at Team, Carol Bove has fitted out the gallery to resemble a certain type of haute-bourgeois interior, circa 1972: Plexiglas photo cubes sit on blond-wood coffee tables, and geometric wall drawings made out of sewing thread elegantly rehabilitate the macramé mandala. This is domestic space reimagined as archive: The gallery is overrun with books, stacked on shelves and lined up in long rows on the floor. Heavy on the Evergreen and Grove Press titles, Bove’s library democratically intermingles the classic (Soul on Ice or Catch-22) and the highly perishable (Est: 60 Hours That Transform Your
). Alongside her languishing-sepia portraits of Vietnam-era sirens, the books form a catalogue of foxed and faded liberal aspirations. The emotion conveyed, however, is not melancholy so much as wry, reverent affection, and there is even a sense that Bove is positing this module of the past as a kind of supply cache, capable of providing sustenance for a political future that gives every indication of being a long haul.