Critics’ Picks

Alejandra Seeber, Knit on Perspective, 2016, oil on canvas, 76 x 65".

Alejandra Seeber, Knit on Perspective, 2016, oil on canvas, 76 x 65".

New York


Bronx Museum of the Arts
1040 Grand Concourse
July 13–September 25, 2016

In “Caza,” three contemporary female artists—Rochele Gomez, Margaret Lee, and Alejandra Seeber—examine an intimacy not often explored: that between the home and an artwork. Curated by Sofía Hernández Chong Cuy, this exhibition interrogates the sundry ways art can infiltrate interior spaces, both physical and psychic, and what it means to create works born of personal expression, idiosyncrasy, or obsession.

Hernández Chong Cuy complicates the ways in which the home can become a locus for issues of class, labor, and value. Gomez’s sculpture The Hour of the Star (all works cited, 2016), a window constructed from brooms, serves as an instrument for observing one’s own dwelling as a display. Lee’s painted photographs W.D.U.T.U.R #1 and W.D.U.T.U.R #2 examine ostensibly refined AbEx stylings—drips, slashes, and splashes produced through the filter of high-end shower fixtures. They are markers of a kind of care—aesthetic and hygienic—that only some people can afford. Seeber’s painting Knit on Perspective, with interweaving patterns that throw perspective into disorder, examines decor misaligned from the sphere of interior design. The exhibition allows viewers to partake in discerning what happens to a home when placed under the scrutiny of those living outside of it, while also experiencing the comfort it offers.