Critics’ Picks

Untitled, 2003.

Untitled, 2003.

New York

Christine Heindl

623 West 27th Street
September 12–October 11, 2003

If Raymond Pettibon used angry wit to elevate the juvenile sketch to the level of high art and Chris Johanson added color and a certain grungy pathos, Christine Heindl adds a girly-domestic texture for a welcome feminization of the doodle. Though without the textual meanderings that caption most high-art scribbles, Heindl’s enamel paintings make icons of the pointy-edged suns and Yule-log fireplaces depicted in the margins of notebooks everywhere. The suns reiterate their two-dimensionality through subtle collage of painted paper; the fireplaces do the same, jettisoning perspective in favor of opticality. Flaunting their status as drawn things, Heindl’s suns and fireplaces are as cool and easy on the eyes as sources of heat can be.