Critics’ Picks

Dawid Misiorny, Winona Ryder, 2014, inkjet print, 47 x 71".


Dawid Misiorny

Miejsce przy Miejscu
Plac Strzelecki 12
May 14–June 19

In his solo show “Wszystko łączy się ze wszystkim” (Everything liaise with everything), Dawid Misiorny uses four wooden, square, custom-made display cases to present his photographs in this modest yet dynamic gallery space located in the popular area of Wrocław Nadodrze. Every case contains a set of thirty-six images printed on a single sheet of photographic paper. The artist composed the displays’ contents from seventy-two shots, some of which he deliberately repeated in several cases, as if to test our ability to grasp and memorize what we are looking at. Despite the rather analog feeling of this show due to the use of wood and traditional photographic paper, Misiorny is embarking on a project that contributes to the present, ongoing debate about photography in the post-Internet age.

His work comprises black-and-white as well as color compositions. The latter have the image quality and spontaneous characteristics of smartphone snaps. They depict friendly-looking people and close-ups of various surfaces and objects, with some of them out of focus, as in Winona Ryder, 2014. With a seemingly nonchalant manner of taking pictures, Misiorny examines such essentials of the medium as its ability to depict color, light, contrast, and texture. The juxtaposition of these images reminds one of the gallery of photos on our phones’ camera rolls, which the artist attempts to elevate into art using tricks of scale, tactile materials, and the respectful distance of an exhibition space, challenging our fondness for rules of display.