Critics’ Picks

Ding Yi, Appearance of Crosses, 2006–2007, crayon and charcoal on canvas, 83 x 118".


“Domus Collection”

White Space Beijing 空白空间
No.255 Caochangdi, Airport Service Road, Chaoyang District
May 18–July 31

The Beijing art world is moving from 798, which is fatally touristic, to Caochangdi. The perfectly proportioned spaces of this gallery are inside a gated courtyard in a poor suburb beyond the fifth ring road near the airport. In this exhibition, which juxtaposes dramatically different visual cultures, a large concave work by Anish Kapoor is hung at the far end of each of the two long rooms. One, a mirror, reflects the butterflies of Damien Hirst’s majestic Soulful, 2008; the other, painted steel, is set against Barnaby Furnas’s abstract landscape Dark Day I, 2008. Ding Yi’s Appearance of Crosses, 2006–2007, crayon and charcoal on reddish canvas, an allover decorative pattern of small crosses, is installed between these galleries in which figurative Chinese paintings are displayed. Liu Xiaodong’s mammoth Courbetesque Tibet Railway, 2007, plays against Aya Takano’s On the Way to Revolution, 2008, whose floating animal and human bodies depict chaos, and Zhang Xiaogang’s enigmatic double portrait 2001 No. 8. Shi Xinning’s grisaille Twelve Beauties, 2008, pictures beautiful women surrounding and admiring Mao Zedong and is located in a room that is dominated by Fang Lijun’s twenty-three-foot-high woodcut 1999.6.1, which is composed of six classical scrolls that depict enormous raging revolutionaries close up.