Critics’ Picks

E. M. C. Collard, Alpine View with Cranberry Juice Stain, the Sun edit, 2008, acrylic and pastel on four canvases, 45 x 15" each.


E. M. C. Collard

STYX Projects | Berlin
The Old Brewery Landsberger Allee 54
July 8–July 29

E. M. C. Collard is an emerging London-based German artist whose combined interest in fragmentation and the messiness of the world is reflected in her chaotic paintings, currently on view in her first German solo exhibition. The title of the show, “20:1,” refers to the shifting of scale that occurs in many of the works, wherein depictions of paper dots made by a hole punch are enlarged and then represented as if they'd been sprinkled at random onto layers of images that include tacky vacation postcards, self-portraits, and simple graph paper. The title of one series, “Zahnderzeitpasta,” 2006–2009, refers to a German phrase, “the tooth of time,” that poetically evokes the ravagings of duration; the pasta, or “paste,” is Collard’s contribution––great Aquafreshy snakes of it, rendered in acrylics, trail their way through the canvases. That Collard’s painterly fragments often depict visual elements taken from random sources and arranged in a haphazard fashion recalls a Rauschenbergian experimentation with chance, though her refusal of closure––she continually “edits” her work, altering her paintings after they have been exhibited––reveals the dedicated process of an artist fascinated by the pieces of a puzzle she wishes never to solve.