Critics’ Picks

View of “Emmanuelle Lainé,” 2014.


Emmanuelle Lainé

10, rue du Marche aux Porcs 10, Varkensmarkt
September 13 - December 13

In her latest exhibition, “Don’t cheat me out of the fullness of my capacity!,” Emmanuelle Lainé pits the aggregation, accumulation, and accrual of making work against its subsequent distribution, dispersal, and distillation. Using the exhibition space as a studio, she corrals objects from her past installations and cheap bric-a-brac into a cognitive and allegorical hall of mirrors.

In the front room of the gallery, a red-clay and gravel pit is the site of construction for a bright-yellow resin sculpture that registers the pressure applied to its clay mold with surrounding objects, such as stacked watering cans, a plush toy horse, a rope, dried flowers, and millet. Digital frames capturing the making of this exhibition are stitched together as a wall mural, achieving a seamless trompe l’oeil of a production process. Standing in a specific place, one completes the tableau by parsing the objects in the image and their doubles in the real installation. The enfilade of these rooms is transformed into a grotto flirting with product and process, or expansion and collapse, enabled as much by the artist’s hand as by the viewer’s observation. Along with the subjectivity implied by the exhibition’s title, its image, objects, and audience alike jostle to generate meanings. We are dispatched into the crosshairs of desire for resolution, ultimately blurred by our own subjectivity.