Critics’ Picks

Between Us, 2001.


Eric Duyckaerts

Galerie Albert Baronian

September 21–November 4, 2001

The film at the heart of this exhibition presents the silhouette of the artist, Eric Duyckaerts, his body at once elegant and fragile, as he dances from one crate to another in a studio he is vacating. At first, the dance seems meant to illustrate the appealing pop song that he is singing, but it may very well be the opposite: The song might be illustrating Duyckaerts’s dance. Judging from its soft lament, we come to understand that the objects found in the studio will be returned to their owners, that they have been either given or taken. A series of drawings presents us with the full range of these tokens (or perhaps they are mementos?)—everything from a lighter to a car to a yacht—as well as the scorching irony that constitutes the key to Duyckaerts’s work. Between Us, 2001, is an installation that seeks to break up the countless links woven by objects and their exchange. It ends with a series of drawings that repeat the artist’s silhouette alone, still occupied with moving, already rid of everything.

Translated from French by Jeanine Herman.