Critics’ Picks

Untitled, 2001.

Untitled, 2001.


Euan Macdonald

James Van Damme Gallery

October 26–December 23, 2001

In this exhibition, using the modest means of illustration and animation, Euan Macdonald explores the overlap of daily life and art. On view are a selection of watercolors and videos recounting both lived and imaginary narratives. Several series of small watercolors play on a variety of spatial and temporal effects. In one series, a building slowly emerges out of the ground floor by floor; in a second black-and-white series, Macdonald recounts the catastrophic weekend of a friend who falls victim to a traffic jam, a car accident, and a typhoon. Each series of watercolors is paired with a corresponding video, which, using simple special effects, presents a short situation that is either amusing, paradoxical, or poetic. We see, for instance, the silhouette of two palm trees balancing over passing traffic—an image created by superimposing two images—suggesting, as all these works do, the place where art and life resemble each other most closely but also diverge.

Translated from French by Saul Anton.