Critics’ Picks

Red, White and Blue Tree Sculpture, 2002.


Evan Holloway

Galerie Xavier Hufkens | 6 rue Saint-Georges
6 rue Saint-Georges
June 20–September 15, 2002

In the middle of the new space that the gallery has devoted to young artists, Evan Holloway has installed the most remarkable sculpture of the exhibition, Red, White and Blue Tree Sculpture, 2002. A long structure made of thin, evenly spaced branches that meet at right angles, its sections are painted bright red, white, and blue. The mixture of nature and sculpture, the tubes that recall Gordon Matta-Clark, the colors, at once modernist—Fernand Léger springs forcefully to mind—and common—those of the English, French, American, Dutch, and Czech flags, for example—weave a network of references and contradictory meanings. The less ambiguous Cookie Fortress, 2002, presents a small, geometric, fairly ordinary structure shot through with large, irregular holes. Beneath these, Holloway has placed burned cookies, their contours corresponding exactly to the holes in the metal. This work in particular allows for the coexistence of abstraction and figuration, sublimation and everyday life, with an acute formal intelligence.

Translated from the French by Jeanine Herman.