Critics’ Picks

Installation view, 2006.

Installation view, 2006.


Fabian Marcaccio

Daros Foundation
Löwenbräu-Areal Limmatstrasse 268
December 16, 2005–April 23, 2006

Fabian Marcaccio stretches the limits of painting with Paintant Stories, 2000, an approximately 100-meter-long freestanding mural that snakes through the museum’s spacious rooms. Marcaccio adapts the narrative modes of traditional wall paintings to the information age, layering photographic, digital, and illustrated images into a dense and evolving panoramic composition. The work is a painting-cum-film, or vice versa, activated by the spectator’s peripatetic movement, refusing a linear reading. Here Marcaccio employs several techniques and motives recurrent in his oeuvre: A digital painting printed on vinyl, partially blown up to mimic the view through a microscope, is used as a canvas, which is then appended with exaggerated imitations or suggestions of brushstrokes (as pigment prints, oil, or silicone), often resembling Lichtenstein’s iconic “brushstroke paintings.” Oscillating between pixels and brushwork, micro- and macro-planes, abstraction and figuration, the mural frequently collapses into a complex fragmentation. At times the fabric seems to break or the mural is disrupted, opening onto other parts of the work and suggesting untold activities beyond the horizons of the “canvas.”