Critics’ Picks

Thomas Baumann, Tau Sling, 2008, rope, motor, mirror, dimensions variable.


“Sculpture Unchaperoned”

Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman | Vienna
Seilerstätte 7
May 17–September 20, 2014

Sculpture for it’s own sake: That’s how the latest exhibition at Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman could be described. Titled “Sculpture Unchaperoned” and assembled by Austrian sculptor Michael Kienzer, the show includes works by nineteen artists who treat sculpture as an expandable and procedural concept.

Austrian artist Thomas Baumann’s Tau Sling, 2008, for example, includes a rope mounted onto an endless loop run by a motor. The rope, several inches thick, is continually chafed by the ongoing process, which causes its threads to fall and stick to the wall. Dust falls to the floor and doesn’t only cover it and the mirror installed below the work, but also spreads across the gallery toward the artworks near by. The mirror conveys the impression of infinity, which is counteracted by the inevitable disintegration of the rope.

Danish artist Lone Haugaard Madsen’s Raum #324 (Room #324), 2014, comprises not only objects found in her own studio but also, more important, objects such as wooden benches, linens, and other materials that were found in the work spaces of other artists. The artist has taken these cast-offs and reworked them by casting, repainting, and rearranging them into an installation. Belgian artist Peter Buggenhout’s The Blind Leading the Blind #22, 2008, in turn, confronts the visitor with a threatening dark, heavy object made of resin, foam, polyester, steel, and plywood that is covered with a thick layer of dust. Like an excavated object from the past, not yet free of its dirt, the work waits in the exhibition room for future treatment.

Translated from German by Diana Reese.