Critics’ Picks

Black on Black and Others, 2006.


Güçlü Öztekin

Meşrutiyet Caddesi No:67 1st Floor
November 3–December 2, 2006

The paper-based wall works and looped video projections in Güçlü Öztekin’s debut solo show play innocent tricks on both the eye and the imagination. Employing found film footage, Öztekin’s videos concentrate on single short snippets, repeating the moment in a monotonous cycle reminiscent of an obscure screen saver. In the corner of one room, a lion roars in routine boredom; opposite, a triangular shape cut out from a woman’s face bounces around the wall, trapped within the frame of the projection. Clearly taken from a pornographic movie, the reduced image continues to echo the film’s sentiment, though more salacious action is conspicuously absent. The remainder of the gallery is given over to Öztekin’s intricate compositions consisting of craft paper, acrylic, black duct tape, and punctured holes. Although the materials are simple, hundreds of perforations supply the surfaces with texture and shimmer, and the results are often overtly decorative. The contents of Öztekin’s collages are more random than those of his videos, and repetition is more constitutive of the process of creation than of the end result. Through his habitual craft, the ordinary becomes symbolic, and Öztekin’s images appear lost in time, icons of a primitive future.