Critics’ Picks

View of “Imaginarii,” 2015–16.

View of “Imaginarii,” 2015–16.



Fondazione Carriero
Via Cino del Duca, 4
September 16, 2015–February 20, 2016

The debut exhibition at the Fondazione Carriero brings together the work of Gianni Colombo, Giorgio Griffa, and Davide Balula. There is no apparent or immediate connection between the three different artistic stories in the show, which curator Francesco Stocchi has conceived of as a dialogue. However, the exhibition focuses on the works’ relation to time and space. Stocchi states that the pieces here “do not exist through their physical presence but because of what we see.”

Griffa is represented by a set of paintings showing lines of color on raw canvas, which, even in their extreme reductiveness, do not reject poetic emotionality. Colombo’s work carries the balance between immobility and movement to extreme consequences, in a sort of contradiction, which is then reasserted in Balula’s pieces. Colombo is a kinetic and environmental artist, the creator of mutable structures—such as Spazio Elastico, Ambiente (Elastic Space, Ambient), 1967–68—that provoke topological alterations of geometric volumes and thus involve the viewer. Meanwhile, Balula’s approach to process starts with objects, habits, or ordinary events; he constructs an anima mundi where imagination becomes communication, and here his work reverberates with that of the other two artists. He stages force fields where intensities and opposing impulses are blocked in apparent stasis, as in Grand Opening, 2015, in which rocks hold red cables in tension. These sculptures can seem like threatening emblems or tools conceived to assault the space, to modify the surrounding environment with a commanding gesture. They are symbols of a desire for struggle and transformation, where rage and hope are concentrated. Moreover, they express a quantity of space set in motion.

Translated from Italian by Marguerite Shore.