Critics’ Picks

“In Full View.” Installation view.

“In Full View.” Installation view.

New York

“In Full View”

Andrea Rosen Gallery
544 West 24th Street
July 18–September 15, 2003

Andrea Rosen’s summer show, “In Full View,” brings to mind Roland Barthes’s description of erotic pleasure: “It is the flash itself which seduces, or rather: the staging of an appearance-as-disappearance.” Some eighteen artists contribute works that flicker in and out of sight, leaving scads of pleasure in their wake. Gems like Fred Sandback’s monumental (but barely there) yarn sculpture and Sol LeWitt’s sprawling, whispery wall drawing remind us just how complex the substance of Conceptual Minimalism can be. Ricci Albenda contributes a pair of wee “portals to another dimension”—one convex, the other concave—that suggest a kind of simultaneous psychic and physical transport. Charles Ray’s Rotating Circle, 1988, is just that: a white disc nine inches in diameter, set flush into a wall and spinning so rapidly that it appears to be completely still. Other standouts include Maurizio Cattelan’s taxidermied pigeons perched in the gallery’s rafters and Lawrence Weiner’s shimmering text piece hovering just under its roofline. Collectively, these works reinvigorate the space they share, propelling viewers to inspect its crooks and crevices with new rigor.