Critics’ Picks

View of “Inside an Event,” 2015.

View of “Inside an Event,” 2015.


“Inside an Event”

Artwin Gallery
26 Bldg 1 Tverskoy Boulevard
September 12–November 1, 2015

“Inside an Event” challenges three artists to imagine the structure of time as one that is open to intervention. The conventional tallying of hours and minutes is dismissed in Alexey Mandych’s Animal Farm Symphony (all works cited, 2015), which fills a Plexiglas case with orderly rows of black stalks, each topped with the metallic bloom of a digital watch. Originally, these machines were perfectly synchronized, but as time passes, milliseconds slip by uncounted, spurring slight discrepancies among the displays. Accordingly, alarms that once sounded in unison start to diverge, all the while signaling the same moment of time.

Alexey Korsi’s work fixes on moments of relative inactivity, mining the mix of suspension and possibility inherent in any scenario. His series of photographs “Above Suspicion” plants unassuming (and thus potentially menacing) bags in the urban milieu. Celestial Chancellery offers a more theatrical riff on this irresolution, crowning a marble pedestal with an ashtray containing a lone lit cigarette. Appearing to burn without ever extinguishing, it sends a steady stream of scentless smoke into the air around the projection of Polina Kanis’s most recent video, Pool, which tracks the disappearance of a group of grim-faced swimmers in an indoor pool. In the chiaroscuro lighting, the only indication of the swimmers’ underwater choreography lies in the soft glide of their shoulders above the surface. Bystanders sit quietly in chairs or dangle their legs into the water, their faces fixed in resignation rather than anticipation as they await their moments to enter the pool. As the film progresses, the figures slink off unseen into the deep end, leaving only the waves lapping over the edges.