Critics’ Picks

Joyce Ho, Pull me up softly, 2017, mixed media, dimensions variable.


Joyce Ho

IT PARK 伊通公園
41 YiTong St. 2fl
June 10 - July 8

Joyce Ho’s current exhibition opens with Pull me up softly, 2017, a pair of red rain boots rising with the assistance of chains and a motor, and then—once having ascended, swoosh—free-falling back onto the carpeted wooden platform below before being pulled up once again. Other works in the exhibition feature an easy perpetual motion, which Ho compares to water, flowing long and far, “searching for a tangible edge to stop.” Paintings on light boards, A white note and A white corner (both 2017) switch on to reveal sepia images: in the former piece, a girl with her back turned toward the viewer, a blank note taped to her right; in the latter, a still-life diptych of a glass of water sitting at the corner of a table. Look away, and the paintings shut off, returning to white, barely discernable except for faint ridges and valleys on their surfaces, our memory of their images becoming as remote as dreams. Movement continues to appear throughout her show, with its use of readymades, installation, painting, and video projection: The globe on the New Taiwan thousand-dollar bill spins in the video installation Under the table, 2016, as its continents are studied by a group of schoolchildren. Meanwhile, in the video installation If, 2017, a carnival carousel rotates endlessly as colors and lights flicker and twinkle like stars. The words “IF” and “October” are carefully painted on the scene. Like the blank white note next to the girl, the words pull us out of the work’s dreamlike wistfulness, their associations with futurity and uncertainty reminding us once more that splendor is fleeting and apt to disappear.