Critics’ Picks

Red Door (detail), 2000.

Red Door (detail), 2000.

New York

Jaye Moon

Steuben Third Gallery
Pratt Institute 200 Willoughby Avenue
June 9–August 28, 2003

Jaye Moon “paints” with Legos. Her standard support is a twelve-by-twelve-inch square of colored plastic; on these backgrounds, which over time have varied from primary colors to more subtle hues of purple and teal, she applies the modular playthings to form geometric compositions. If Judd assembled milled aluminum in a way that enabled us to appreciate its innate material qualities, Moon composes Lego components to draw out their dual function as child's toy and universal building block. The results can’t help but be marvelously familiar to those of us who played with Legos—and then went on to study modernism.