Critics’ Picks

Heldenfriedhof Investigation at Crimea, March 8-17, 2000, 2001


Jörg Herold

Galerie EIGEN + ART | Berlin
Auguststraße 26
March 31–May 12

Familiar with the “Tartar legend”? According to Joseph Beuys, when his fighter plane crashed in the Ukraine in 1944, he was nursed back to health by the local Tartar who wrapped his body in felt and fat—two curatives that later became the staples of his work. The Berlin-based artist Jörg Herold went back to the site of the crash and spoke with locals who, it turns out, still remember the wounded German soldier, although they know nothing of his subsequent fame in the art world. Herold’s multimedia installation Heldenfriedhof (Hero cemetery), 2001, features two video projections that document his elaborate investigations, reviving memories of the past and blurring the reality of the present.