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Lorenzo Vitturi, Untitled - Fractal MDF #0 2015, photograph mounted on aluminum, 16 x 24".

Lorenzo Vitturi, Untitled - Fractal MDF #0 2015, photograph mounted on aluminum, 16 x 24".


Lorenzo Vitturi

Via Leopardi, 32
April 5–May 20, 2016

In this staging of Lorenzo Vitturi’s photographs, environments are constructed as extensions of the images’ content, reflecting how the artist utilizes his chosen medium for its inherent ambiguity between representation and reality. This solo show, curated by Fantom, is thematically built around the Droste effect, a term coined by the journalist and poet Nico Scheepmaker in the late 1970s to describe so-called recursive images, or pictures that repeat the image within themselves. His idea was inspired by a box of the eponymous Dutch chocolate featuring an image of a nurse holding a tray with a cup and a box that carried the same image in miniature. In Vitturi’s Untitled - Fractal MDF #0, 2015, from the series “Droste Effect, Debris and other Problems,” 2013–16, a photograph of an object in a corner covers the object itself, which is then rephotographed and reinstalled in its subject’s original position.

Other pieces depict ephemeral compositions of objects hanging precariously, one above another on the walls. His pictorial interventions here seem to be shadows of what they depict; they are delicate and ephemeral layerings that record presences visible only in photographic space. In a sense, Vitturi gets astonishingly close to the Counter-Reformation tradition of Sacri Monti—or sacred mountains—via his assemblage of chapel-like spaces within which the hallowed subjects of the paintings coexist with the similarly venerated subjects of his sculptures.

Translated from Italian by Marguerite Shore.