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“View of Luana Perilli: Solitary Shelters, 2014.”

“View of Luana Perilli: Solitary Shelters, 2014.”


Luana Perilli

The Gallery Apart
Via Francesco Negri, 43
September 23–November 22, 2014

Nature has always been central to Luana Perilli’s artistic research. In her latest solo exhibition, the artist focuses on a particular aspect of this analysis: nature’s relationship to visual and intellectual manmade works. In short, she unpacks science/culture and ideology/ecology binary oppositions. This exhibition documents the result of these investigations, with nine pieces from 2014. Eight are executed in ceramics—a medium that Perilli has recently begun to exhibit—along with semiprecious stones such as agate and marble. These works play a dual role. On the one hand, they are sculptures that in form and color bring to mind furnishings made in Germany in the 1950s and ’60s by Sgrafo, Fat Lava, and Rosenthal; on the other hand, they constitute potential shelters for small animals and insects. Consequently, they can be considered simultaneously from an artistic and a practical standpoint: In the former, as three-dimensional compositions inspired by the organic architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright or the original constructions by Buckminster Fuller; in the latter, as habitable prototypes intended for biological microcommunities and their social dynamics, which is an idea expressed in the show’s title, “Solitary Shelters.” The exhibition concludes with the video Urformen (Primary Forming), a work that also reflects on the relationship between the environment and individuals and analyzes changing atmospheric phenomena (of light, water, air) within a domestic context occupied by plants, animals, and stones, all captured in their purest and simplest beauty.

Translated from Italian by Marguerite Shore.