Critics’ Picks

View of “U-Drawings,” 2010.

View of “U-Drawings,” 2010.


Luca Pozzi

Corso di Porta Ticinese 87
September 16–October 23, 2010

While visiting Luca Pozzi’s latest exhibition, “U-Drawings,” I found myself thinking about the ideas of the Hungarian artist and theorist György Kepes, particularly his essays in Language of Vision (1944) that describe light as a “creative medium,” capable of creating “a fresh sense of space.” Pozzi’s new work explores how light can be employed in the process of drawing, and also how drawing can be used a tool of awareness.

Spin Foam Network (all works 2010) is a structure of twelve aluminum tubes arranged in Y-shapes, with each end terminating in a metal plate that is incised with the outlines of twelve cities the artist has visited. Next to each plate, a tennis ball hovers in the air, thanks to magnetic fields the artist has manipulated in the aluminum. Láputa Pyramid comprises three pedestals above which electromagnetic fields cause a marble hexagon and a sheet of rubber to levitate. Finally, Loop Quantum Gravity Through Borges Influence is a suite of photographs that depict the artist drawing on a wall covered in phosphorescent paint with black light–reactive spray paint. These three pieces seem to function as acts in a play, through which Pozzi speaks of his interest in theoretical physics, particularly the loop quantum gravity theory formulated by physicist Carlo Rovelli, as well as the insights of mathematician Raymond Aschheim. For Pozzi, light is above all a ductile material that unleashes unexpected forms.

Translated from Italian by Marguerite Shore.