Critics’ Picks

Exhibition view.

Exhibition view.

New York

“Make It Now”

44-19 Purves Street
May 15–July 31, 2005

“Make It Now” presents work by twenty-eight artists (most of whom are not included in “Greater New York 2005,” the broader survey on the other side of the 7 line) and aims to take the pulse of current sculptural practice in New York City. Does it succeed in doing so? Yes, but the curatorial trio of Mary Ceruti, Anthony Huberman, and Franklin Sirmans, who collectively made over two hundred studio visits, is not one to force a narrative. Instead, they show current sculpture in all its big, loose, energized, skeptical, and persistent glory, highlighting the contributors’ willingness to take part in various art-historical lineages and their insistence on object-making. Nicole Cherubini’s ceramic pots, sitting on pedestals and dripping fake jewels and fur, and Guyton/Walker’s coconut chandelier illuminate the close relationship between sculpture and design today, but also bring back a utilitarian flair whose roots reach deep into centuries past. Leslie Hewitt, Jessica Jackson Hutchins, and Gedi Sibony explore supports and transparency. Downstairs, where each work is installed in its own cellar nook, Robert Visani’s Four Moments, 2005, a group of totemic, slightly sinister handmade objects, is more surrealist than crafty. One more thing––most of this work was made especially for the exhibition, so you’ll be seeing it here for the first time.