Critics’ Picks

View of “Eyework,” 2022.

View of “Eyework,” 2022.


Neogrády-Kiss Barnabás

Inda Gallery
Király utca 34. II/4.
February 24–April 8, 2022

Neogrády-Kiss Barnabás’s exhibition “Eyework” brings photographs from three of his recent series—“Stone, Paper, Socks,” 2016–18, “Double Bond,” 2018–20, and “Solitude,” 2020–21—together in a single work predicated on the formal and semantic correspondences generated through installation. In one of the images from the “Solitude” series, Untitled 19, 2020, a cloud of flashy orange smoke turns out to be a tea bag diffusing in hot water. It might be mere coincidence that the color rhymes with that of the roof tiles of the Solitude Palace, the Rococo-style castle that gives the series its name, in Untitled 26, 2020. But given the precision of the hanging, one gets the sense that Neogrády-Kiss is carefully constructing these cross-references.

“Eyework” is thus not only about the images themselves, but about the language they learn to speak to one another within the exhibition space. Untitled 2, 2019, captures the artist leaning on a windowsill next to a crumpled image of a mountain. That same wadded-up landscape is clamped under the lower edge of the frame of the photograph, linking the world of the image to its physical surroundings. The print’s wrinkled surface finds further resonance in the crude convolutions of the half-formed statue in Untitled 28, 2020, and the ridges of the cauliflower florets in Untitled 21, 2020.

In Untitled 41, 2021, the artist stands in a clearing atop a mountain. Centered in a pale-yellow outdoor jacket, he faces the camera while clouds flood the valley behind him. The effect is stunning, the elements of the image as concisely composed as the photographs along the gallery walls.