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Nine Studies, 2001.

Nine Studies, 2001.


Paul Huxley and Lolly Batty

Rhodes & Mann
37 Hackney Road, Shoreditch
April 27–June 10, 2001

In a pairing so aesthetically sweet as to verge on cloying, Rhodes + Mann has hooked up abstract painter Paul Huxley with the exquisitely named sculptor Lolly Batty. While the two may belong to different generations (Huxley has been exhibiting since the ’60s and is professor emeritus at the Royal College of Art; Batty is well known but a relative newcomer), both have an interest in geometry, explored through fastidiously precise execution. Batty presents an array of pure white plaster-coated polyhedrons suggestive of stars or crystals. Displayed freestanding or on glass shelves, these form a three-dimensional counterpoint to Huxley’s brightly colored canvases, in which flat bars and curves are arranged and rearranged in a series of subtle variations on a theme.