Critics’ Picks

Sacha Ingber, Firmly for charred foot (Brannock Device), 2019, urethane, hydrocal, epoxy clay, suede, ceramic shards, wood, acrylic paint, watercolor, hardware, shoelaces, foot-measuring device, 27 x 32 x 1 1/2".

Richmond, VA

Raque Ford and Sacha Ingber

The Sunroom
2801 E Marshall St
July 27–September 2, 2019

In this two-person exhibition by Raque Ford and Sacha Ingber, holes—laser cut, molded, and carved—abound, denoting both absence and unity in the spirited installations and sculptures on display. Ingber’s glazed ceramic sculptures are soaked in a come-hither sense of humor: B-E-L-O-W-A-B-O-V-E, 2019, and Vista with dry air, 2018, feature intricately woven clay bikini tops, while Firmly for charred foot (Brannock Device), 2019, warps the idea of a foot fetish into a kind of fetish object, to be tastefully hung over the mantle, as it is here.

Hung in the gallery’s windows are Ford’s L selfish always you and Baby, both 2019, made from sheets of transparent polypropylene. Diaristic phrases are tagged, stenciled, or cut into the sheets: “Always be with you,” and “You’re so selfish it’s frightening.” That the works bear formal similarities to graffiti speaks to their confessional nature; like bathroom walls, they are canvases for the id.

By modifying the light that streams into this aptly named space, Ford’s installations envelop the surrounding pieces in an aura of intimacy. One of the artist’s largest wall-hung works, positioned in a recess near the mantle, is streaked with light pink acrylic paint and layered with colorful, reflective acrylic sheets. Its exuberant composition and cheeky title, Horny in the details love you, 2019, make explicit the libidinal energy that buoys this exhibition, reminding us that there’s nothing quite like obsession to facilitate ingenuity.