Critics’ Picks

John Baldessari, Reverse/Repeat Series: Spoons, Peas, Jars, Etc., 2001.

John Baldessari, Reverse/Repeat Series: Spoons, Peas, Jars, Etc., 2001.

New York

“Reflecting the Mirror”

Marian Goodman Gallery | New York
24 West 57th Street
June 14–August 27, 2004

This show corrals a group of works made over a forty-year period in order to reflect, as it were, on the meanings and permutations of the mirror in contemporary art. Richard Artschwager’s mirror is cracked and reconstructed, with a few protruding shards; Robert Smithson’s is a small pyramidal stack; Dan Graham’s is an architectural Pavilion Influenced by Moon Windows, 1989/2001. Jeff Koons’s donkey-shaped looking glass turns the viewer into—what else?—an ass. The notion of the canvas or painting as mirror is addressed by Roy Lichtenstein, by Gerhard Richter’s reflective glass 876-12, 2002, and by Marcel Broodthaers’s Magrittean Miroir, 1971, in which the artist’s initials are painted all over the canvas. John Baldessari takes on photography, naturally, with a mundane image reversed and doubled (Reverse/Repeat Series: Spoons, Peas, Jars, Etc., 2001). And mirrors become sinister, theatrical elements in two wonderful installations: Jeppe Hein’s chromed-aluminum motorized balls, Continuity Reflecting Space, 2003, and Daniel Buren’s room with striped panels and mirrors, Cabane eclatée polychrome aux mirroirs, 2004.