Critics’ Picks

Installation view, 2006.

Installation view, 2006.


Richard Long

Haunch of Venison | New Bond Street
103 New Bond Street
July 16, 2013–February 10, 2006

“The Time of Space” is installed across a stratum of rooms with the same deliberate pacing as Long’s relentless walks, bringing together new and recent photographs, notes, and ephemeral sculptures that exist as humble records of these movements and his site-specific creations. For The Time of Space, 1999, Long travelled to Mount Parnassus, Greece, and arranged a circle of stones, which he then photographed; upon his return to the site in 2002, he “dispersed” the formation, carefully noting his action on the original image. In this work, Long draws our attention to the time that links unique moments, the space that lays between them. Similarly, Long followed the cycle of daylight in his walks through the Egyptian Sahara in 2003 and the Serra do Geres/Sierra de Xures in Portugal and Spain in 2005, not documenting a start or finish, but chronicling fleeting moments like a rapidly disappearing line in the sand. Elsewhere, charting a connection between seemingly disparate points in time and space, he composed a constant rhythm with each muddy handprint in the gallery-bound China Clay Fast Spiral, 2005. And by showing us his lonely rambler’s playlist, Walking Music, 2004, that includes Johnny Cash’s nostalgic “I Still Miss Someone,” Long speaks to the solitude of Albion, and the drive to expand the psychogeographic matrix.