Critics’ Picks

Rini Tandon, Echo Location 2 (detail), wood, plastic strings, metal, 2009, dimensions variable. Installation view.


Rini Tandon

Nature Morte | Berlin
Weydingerstraße 6
May 14–July 15

Rini Tandon uses numerous materials and media to explore a fundamental aspect of the natural world in “Waves,” her first solo show in Berlin. The Indian-born and Vienna-based artist calls on drawing, sculpture, photography, video, and installation to visually represent energy waves and associated elements of the branch of geometry known as topography.

Without context, the majority of Tandon’s works appear to be abstractions with aesthetic roots in 1980s art. Her use of colors such as magenta, radioactive orange, and electric blue gives the show an element of lightness and fun. But these seductive visuals illustrate weightier mathematical and scientific principles. For example, Echo Location 2, 2009, consists of ten squiggly wooden branches covered with azure plastic string, propped on metal stands and assembled in the gallery’s main room. Tandon intends both the individual sculptures and their relationship with one another to illustrate oscillating structures. Though the forms are plainly static, their allusion to movement is evident.

Yet Tandon’s new works are most compelling when considered as an exploration of the artist’s interest in a specialized subject matter, as well as an attempt to convey information and share her fascination with viewers. This is ultimately an aesthetic strength: Her work embodies and transmits a keen amateur interest in an esoteric topic, leading others to ponder her curiosity and to empathize with her investigation of such distinctive intellectual issues.