Critics’ Picks

Untitled, 2002.

Untitled, 2002.

São Paulo

Sandra Cinto

Casa Triângulo
Rua Estados Unidos, 1324
September 5–October 3, 2002

Sandra Cinto's work articulates photography, sculpture, painting, drawing, and architecture into room-size installations. After four years of shows outside the country, the artist has finally come home to create one of her most accomplished works. Casa Triângulo's atmosphere of nostalgia and its location on the second floor of a unique old triangle-shaped house in downtown São Paulo play a crucial role in the reception of the work; Cinto brings these qualities to the surface in unexpected ways. All walls and works have been painted mint green. In the galleries we find vitrines, shelves of framed photographs, and sculpted wooden columns “holding up” preexisting architecture. A boomerang has been affixed perpendicular to the wall. The artist's signature drawings are everywhere, applied with black felt-tip pen to walls, sculptures, paintings, and frames. Here are images of mountains or ladders, long lines of thread or perhaps cobweb, fabulous or oneiric, provoking memories of the album covers Roger Dean designed for YES in the ’70s. What's new about Cinto’s at once total and subtle occupation of the space is her play with real and represented narratives: allusions to the dream or the drug trip via objects and drawings, the parcours through Casa Triângulo's five small rooms, or two photographs that show a vase Cinto found broken and later restored. There is a strong and strange sense of hope here. My favorite piece: a column of stacked mint-green wooden books “supporting” the top beam of one of the gallery's wide doorways. All this was well worth the wait.