Critics’ Picks

Spread yourself little table, 2005. Installation view.

Spread yourself little table, 2005. Installation view.

New York

Sarah Lucas

Gladstone Gallery | West 21st St
530 West 21st Street
February 5–March 14, 2005

The sculptures that make up “God is Dad,” Sarah Lucas’s latest show at Barbara Gladstone, play out the immanent violence of sexualized relations and excavate the humor therein. Nylon tights hang flaccidly from mangled coat hangers and are stretched between concrete shoes. Rusty old bedsprings slump against freestanding walls whilst cast-concrete army boots nod to a wider arena of violence. But every so often amidst this wasteland of exhausted domesticity, like a brief moment of tenderness in an abusive relationship, hilarity prevails. The nudge-nudge, wink-wink undercurrent almost bubbles over in Spread yourself little table, 2005: A pair of tights—stretched across a small coffee-stained table and down into high-heeled platform shoes (cast in concrete)—seem to offer themselves with the dedication of a wannabe starlet. Lucas brilliantly manages to poke fun at our tendency to take everything seriously, even as she brings us back down with a thump.